Press release

Parliamentary State Secretary Mario Brandenburg on “Toolbox Datenkompetenz”: Data literacy skills of all people must be expanded”.

With the project “Toolbox Data Competence (TBDK)”, the BMBF is funding the nationwide development of data competence with 8.79 million euros.

Berlin/Leipzig, 15.08.2022 – The research project “Toolbox Datenkompetenz (TBDK)” (Toolbox Data Literacy) is developing a Germany-wide digital tool and training platform dedicated to building basic and advanced data skills. With the project, which started in December 2021, the project partners Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) e.V. from Leipzig and StackFuel GmbH from Berlin will build an infrastructure that will help to sustainably support the data strategy and the digitisation project of the Federal Government across society in order to be able to look to the future in a data-secure and well-prepared manner.

Parliamentary State Secretary Mario Brandenburg explains: 

“The digital transformation is in full swing. Digitisation is making itself felt in almost all areas of life – be it in everyday life or in professional activities. This also means that very many people need basic data skills to find their way in the digital world. With the Toolbox Data Literacy project, the BMBF is funding two empowered partners so that we can enable citizens all over Germany to build up their data literacy skills so that they feel confident in dealing with data.”

By 2024, researchers from Leipzig and Berlin will jointly develop a digital learning world that includes easy-to-understand learning materials and interactive practical tasks. The Data Literacy Toolbox will support people in setting and expanding their own learning priorities and goals. In this way, a broad, digital learning and tool offer will be established that will help to enable the development of data literacy skills in Germany in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

Download the factsheet here (in German)