Germany’s training platform for data literacy

With our training platform, we enable everyone to develop data literacy skills – anywhere, anytime and at any level.

The research project “Toolbox Datenkompetenz (TBDK)” (Toolbox Data Literacy) is developing a digital tool and training platform with the help of which the Federal Government’s data strategy and digitisation project can be implemented sustainably.

The online-based platform will be accessible to all citizens and interested parties throughout Germany via the internet and will promote the development of data literacy skills in particular. For this purpose, digital data tools are presented on the platform that explain how to handle and work with data using interactive and practice-oriented online learning offers. The toolbox is designed as an open, highly available and digital toolbox that can be used for practical online learning offers.

With an accompanying expert network, the understanding and requirements for data literacy from business and science are to be established and brought together with supporting initiatives such as forums, digital panels and working groups in order to establish a cross-disciplinary standard of competence.

Research studies and scientific evaluations are conducted throughout the entire duration of the project to accompany the establishment and development of the TBDK. As a result, a broad and target group-oriented digital learning and tool offer can be created and ensured with the Toolbox Data Literacy.

Project duration: 15.12.2021-14.12.2024

Learn more about the project on this page and feel free to contact us with any questions via info@toolboxdatenkompetenz.de!

Funding measure for the design of the digital education space of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.